UPDATED Region 9 Conference Schedule

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Friday, March 28th
The Salt Lake Tribune
90 S. 400 West

Opening Reception, light refreshments
6 p.m. — Suite 700 patio

NSA Data Center Panel Discussion
6:30 p.m. — Suite 700 training room
Salt Lake Tribune reporters Nate Carlisle and Tony Semerad, and NPR correspondent Howard Berkes. Moderated by KUER Radio West host Doug Fabrizio

Tour, Salt Lake Tribune Building
8 p.m. — Meet in the Suite 700 lobby


Saturday, March 29th
BYU Salt Lake Center
345 W. North Temple

Continental Breakfast
9 a.m. — Lobby

When Things Go Right: The Tinker Armband Story, Mary Beth Tinker
9:30 a.m. — Auditorium

Cameras in the Courts Panel Discussion
10:30 a.m. — Auditorium
Geoff Liesik, Deseret News; David Reymann; Ben Winslow, KSTU; Jeremy Harmon, Salt Lake Tribune; Nancy Volmer, Utah State Courts

Beyond Noun Journalism: Finding the importance in “Big Topic” stories, Tom Zoellner
11:30 a.m. — Auditorium

Mark of Excellence Awards Lunch
12:30 p.m. — Auditorium

Photography from the Sochi Olympics
2 p.m. — Auditorium
Chris Detrick, Salt Lake Tribune, and Eric Betts, KSL

Social Media Ethics & Journalist Tools
2 p.m — Room 306
Natalie Wardel, KSL Social Media Director

How to Get (and Keep) a Job
2 p.m. — Room 312
Chad Curtis, BYU; Connie Coyne, Salt Lake Tribune; Lydia Defranchi-Nelson, KCWY

Covering Same-Sex Marriage
3 p.m — Auditorium
Kate Kendell, National Center for Lesbian Rights; Lynn Wardle, BYU Law School; Brooke Adams, Salt Lake Tribune; Ben Winslow, KSTU

Social Media Ethics & Journalist Tools
4 p.m — Room 306
Natalie Wardel, KSL Social Media Director

How to Get (and Keep) a Job
4 p.m. — Room 312
Chad Curtis, BYU; Connie Coyne, Salt Lake Tribune; Lydia Defranchi-Nelson, KCWY

Tour, KSL Studios
5 p.m. — Meet in KSL lobby

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Board Meeting Minutes — March 11, 2014

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Meeting minutes: March 11, 2014

Present: Jim Fisher, Chad Curtis, Nate Carlisle, McKenzie Romero, Cimaron Neugebauer, Emma Penrod, Connie Coyne, Tom Haraldsen, Lisa Carricaburu, Sheryl Worsley.

  1. Minutes from Feb. 13, 2014, meeting were approved.
  2. Haraldsen gave a financial report. The account balance is $5,600. Balance reflects contributions to the SPJ Region 9 Conference from Colorado and New Mexico SPJ chapters.
  3. Cameras in the Courtroom Committee met earlier this month. Worsley has been approached by a divorce attorney who has requested to be pool for purposes of recording procedures in divorce court to air on his YouTube channel. He’s been turned down multiple times. She said she will tell him it’s up to the committee to decide whether to allow him to take a camera into the courtroom. Fisher raised a concern about the committee defining who qualifies as a journalist for purposes of awarding pool privileges. He wanted that concern noted in the minutes.
  4. Haraldsen updated the status of contest entries. As of the meeting, there were only 20 entries with just less than two weeks to go before the deadline. Board members agreed to contact all media outlets in the state to encourage them to submit entries.
  5. Carlisle and Coyne discussed options for an SPJ-sponsored water symposium to be held in fall 2014. They’d like to see whether it could be held at a hotel rather than at one of the universities. Possible symposium topics include:
  • Colorado River Compact
  • Snake Valley
  • How to cover water districts
  • The role of water in energy
  • Snowpack, watersheds, lakes and reservoirs
  • How population growth threatens supply


Penrod suggested sessions on where to find data and sources and how to talk with/interview scientists.

Others also suggested a session briefing the state of Utah’s water supply.

With the board’s approval, Carlisle said he’ll proceed with efforts to secure grants to help fund the symposium, including perhaps one from SPJ. Contact there is Tara Puckey.

  1. Region 9 Conference:
  • Schedule is more or less finalized.  The board decided there will be concurrent session in the 10:30, 2 and 3 time slots.
  • Carlisle will find a third panelist for the NSA panel discussion on Friday night.
  • Worsley said a group called IFOIA may present as well if they’re willing to do it without a charge.
  • Each board member committed to donate items for the silent auction, which will be in the conference room behind the registration desk. Penrod and Petersen will run the auction.
  • Coyne will run the registration desk with assistance from Carricaburu, starting at 5:15 Friday night at The Tribune and 8 a.m. Saturday at the BYU Salt Lake Center.
  • Coffee will be provided Saturday morning in the lobby of KSL. Box lunches will be provided during the conference. Cost for $10 per person for a total cost of $1,184.  Worsley and Curtis will provide the drinks. Worsley also asked for an estimate on Saturday breakfast and still was waiting for it.
  • Haraldsen will see if we can get pens with the Utah Headliners logo, plus the URL, on them for the conference.
  • Coyne will get nametags and markers.

Meeting adjourned at 8:42 p.m.

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Board Meeting Minutes — Feb. 13, 2014

Present:  Emma Penrod, McKenzie Romero, Chad Curtis, Connie Coyne, Sheryl Worsley, Lisa Carricaburu, Nate Carlisle, Tom Haraldsen and Linda Petersen

1. Minutes of Jan. 9 were approved

2. Tom gave a financial report

The chapter currently has $5,300 in the checking account.

To help with funding the regional conference keynote speaker, Mark Beth Tinker, the chapter has received $750 each from two law firms, Parr Brown & Jones Waldo. We also received a$100 personal check from Jeff Hunt.


Nate reported on his research regarding foundations we could approach for funding. They include the

McCormick Foundation, the Scripps Howard Foundation and the Eccles Foundation. He reported that there are also environmental journalism grants available Some environmental organizations have teamed up with journalists in the past, he said.

Nate suggested pitching ideas such as environmental journalists coming in to train journalists on this along with an evening public forum. There is no need to bring in big names he said.

Connie said the biggest issue in Utah is water. If we can get grants, they could fund the travel of rural journalists to SLC for training.

Nate suggested we tentatively plan the event and then apply for a grant.

Connie suggested that we could tape the event and put it on the website so more people can have access to it. Nate, Connie and Chad agreed to be on a subcommittee to study the issue and get back to the board.

Nate will review the requirements of the various foundations and their deadlines for applications and report back to the board next meeting.

Nate reported on the proposed changes to search warrants.  The Utah Supreme Court’s Advisory Committee on the Rules of Criminal Procedure has some proposed changes to Rule 40 which regulates search warrants. Utah Headliners has already expressed its support.

Nate and Sheryl will meet with them on March 18 and will voice SPJ’s support for the change and discuss a mechanism for public notification of sealed search warrants reaching the three-year mark. The committee makes recommendations to the Utah Supreme Court, which will decide whether to change the rule.

McKenzie will send out a last chance to comment e-mail.

Boot camp

McKenzie gave an overview of the boot camp schedule. No one has been assigned to co-teach with Tom in the print class -might be Brian West.

We reviewed the room assignments at the UVU student center for the boot camp. All the rooms are AV connected.

There’s a $150 food budget. Lisa is in charge of food. Attendees can sign up on FB or email

Linda will connect with the small papers and will print half-sheet schedules for boot camp.

McKenzie will send out maps of where to park and links attendees can go to for download.

She will also make and put signs outside and inside the building.

Board members need to show up at 8:30 to 9 a.m.

The chapter will have a table at the boot camp with membership info.

We will also make sure to take roll and get email addresses. McKenzie has been emailing to the list from last year’s boot camp.

For the networking lunch, McKenzie has been inviting major outlets to attend to give info. about internships.

Tom reported on the contest. Deadline is March 21.

One chapter has reached out to ours about exchanging judging. Tom and Sheryl will reach out to more.

Membership update: McKenzie

We need to encourage our peers to join SPJ when they are entering the contest. Marie Shallaos is teaching in the grad program at the U of U. She and Professor Fergobe have lobbied successfully to start up a student SPJ chapter.

Regional Conference:

Tom Zoellner will be in Miami at that time. He wouldn’t charge a speaking fee but he wants the airfare from Miami to Salt Lake, back to Los Angeles and would also need hotel costs covered. His airfare will be at least $650. Board members are concerned at the costs since our funds are low. Sheryl will look into the issue further.

Some speakers on the schedule are confirmed, some are not.

The session on the NSA Data Center with Nate & Tony Simaran was moved to Friday night. Howard Burkuss, NPR, or Jennifer Toomer-Cook could moderate.

Registration fees were set at $35/$25 member/nonmember. Sheryl will ask Trent to set up a registration page for the regional conference on the website.

We need to have some sponsor recognition. Putting their logos on the program was suggested. So far, they are: Parr Brown & Jones Waldo at $750/each; Colorado Pro & NM pledged $500 each

Paul Murphy, Rocky Mountain Power, has volunteered his company to be a possible sponsor. Several on the board felt uncomfortable with that and felt that it would be too much of a conflict. Ultimately, the board decided not to take Murphy up on the offer.

Tom reported back on what swag he had found: the reporter notebooks are $1.60 each.

Nate suggested contacting national news outlets and seeing what they’d send.  It was suggested that outlets that have crews in Sochi that they be asked to bring stuff back for the silent auction.

It was also suggested that we ask other chapters in the region to donate items for the auction.

We need to check with Joel to make sure he has an area appropriate for the area for  the silent auction.

There was a discussion of hotel rates. Sheryl will look into the rates available at the Hyatt, Howard Johnson’s and the Radisson.


The board decided to eliminate covering police departments (WVPD) as a session.

Mary Beth Tinker will be our keynote speaker. Sheryl will verify her arrangements with Joel.

The medical marijuana session was discussed. Lisa knows Ricardo Baca at the Denver Post who is a pot expert. She will ask him to participate. We’re also going to talk with the representative who is running the medical marijuana bill and also the mother who is campaigning for it to see if they might participate.

A session on cameras in court was considered.  Nancy Volmer was suggested as a participant.

Another session suggested as being timely was on same sex marriage. The couple who have filed the lawsuit may not want to talk on panel with an April 9 court date.

Lisa will line up participants. Suggestions included Q magazine staff, George Severson and Brooke Adams.

The photography session was moved to 2 p.m.

The need for sessions that will appeal to students was discussed. Connie, Chad and Emma  will work up some ideas.

Historical – McKenzie

McKenzie will be in charge of documenting our activities including pics, stories/articles, web, FB, Twitter, etc.

Next board meeting: March 13, 6:30 p.m. at KSL

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Region 9 Conference – March 28th and 29th!

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NOTE: You can register for the conference using paypal in the Regional Conference box at left.

March 28th & 29th
in Salt Lake City, Utah


(click to go to hotel websites)
Hyatt Place
Howard Johnson

Thanks to our Sponsors!





Friday, March 28th

Opening Reception: The Salt Lake Tribune
90 South, 4th West, Salt Lake City

6:00 pm Light refreshments

6:30 pm NSA Data Center—Panel Discussion
SLTrib reporters Nate Carlisle and Tony Semerad
Moderated by Doug Fabrizio, KUER

8:00 pm Tour, Salt Lake Tribune Building

Saturday, March 29th

BYU Salt Lake Center
345 West North Temple

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 8.28.33 AM

9:00 am Continental Breakfast

9:30 am Mary Beth Tinker—Free speech & Civil Rights advocate

10:30 am Tom Zoellner

Tom Zoellner is the author of five nonfiction books, including Train, forthcoming from Viking/Penguin in 2014. He is the co-author of the New York Times bestselling book An Ordinary Man, and his book Uranium won the 2011 Science Writing Award from The American Institute of Physics. Tom has worked as a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, The Arizona Republic, The Salt Lake Tribune and as a contributing editor for Men’s Health magazine. He is now an associate professor of English at Chapman University. Tom lives in downtown Los Angeles.

11:30 am Cameras in Courts- Panel

Deseret News reporter Geoff Liesik
David Reymann
KSTU reporter Ben Winslow
SL Tribune Director of Photography- Jeremy Harmon
Nancy Volmer, Utah State Courts

12:30 pm Lunch—Mark of Excellence Awards

2:00 pm Photography, Sochi Olympics
Chris Detrik, Salt Lake Tribune & Eric Betts, KSL TV

3:00 pm Covering Same Sex Marriage

5:00 pm Tour, KSL Studios

Concurrent Sessions

Social Media- “Ethics & Journalist Tools”
Natalie Wardel, KSL Social Media Director

“How to Get (and Keep) a Job”

Please bring contribute items for the Utah Headliner Silent Auction

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Board Meeting Minutes — Jan. 9, 2014

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NOTE: Following the Jan. 9 meeting the date of the Back-to-Basics Boot Camp was re-scheduled back to Feb. 22.

SPJ Board Meeting 01/09/14

In attendance: McKenzie Romero, Nate Carlisle, Jim, Lisa Carricaburu, Sheryl Worsley, Tom Haraldsen and Linda Petersen

The minutes of the Nov. 9 meeting were approved.

LGBT and Media event

Sheryl reported the event was very successful and there was good attendance but very few board members made it. The event was made up of a couple of panels of media and people from the LGBT community. Sheryl said the event was timely and appropriate.

The Salt Lake Tribune wrote about it on its newsroom blog. Joel Campbell also wrote about it in the Columbia Review

UVU Bootcamp – McKenzie presented

There’s a conflict with the original date of Feb. 22. That’s UPA’s annual convention in St. George.

The board decided to change it to March 1.

Proposed Schedule:

9:30 breakfast mingle

50-minute sessions

10 a.m. & 11 a.m. Same three sessions (attendees can choose two)

  1. Ledes & first hurdles – Jim
  2. Interviewing and sources (incl. records) – Nate
  3. AP style- Dave Noyce at the Tribune was suggested. Lisa will ask him.

Noon: networking lunch which McKenzie will be in charge of

Attendees will be asked to bring business cards and resumes for potential internships

We will provide sandwiches. (Lisa will be over food.)

1 p.m. Combined – ethics & media law (Jim)

2 p.m. – Writing

  1. Print track writing class – Tom and someone  Sheryl will find
  2. Broadcast track writing class – Sheryl & Chad

Jim will send teaching materials from previous boot camps to teachers. Board members are hoping journalism instructors at local universities will give extra credit to their students for attending.
Linda will reach out to invite UPA papers and small papers.

Student chapter outreach

Sheryl contacted the U of U not and they’re not interested in reviving the SPJ student chapter. She talked to Suzanne Dean who she said pointed her in the direction of a couple of students she will try to connect with. Lisa will reach out to USU. McKenzie is working on SUU. Sheryl will make contact with USU Eastern. Lisa will connect with Westminster.


The contest will be open Feb. 3 – March 14.

Tom expressed a concern that the Tribune and KSL are the major contributors to our contest even though there is not much competition in their categories, and other contests such as Top of the Rockies can have more appeal for awards. The board discussed it but wasn’t sure how to address it.

One issue for those who enter is that our contest site different from the BNC site which is used by many contests. Trent Nelson developed our site three years ago when we found out that it would cost us $4,000 to use the BNC site.

McKenzie expressed concern that our site is not user friendly. She said she knows someone who might be able to do a new website for cheap. Sheryl asked her to have them submit a bid. In the meantime, Lisa will talk to Trent about tweaking website.

Regional conference March 28-30

Lisa reported back on efforts to raise the $2,000 necessary to get the Tinker train. The law firm of Jones Waldo has committed $750. Jeff Hunt is putting in a request with his firm and it is likely they will contribute. The board tossed around ideas of which other entities might help. They included BYU, the Salt Lake Tribune, KSL and the ACLU. Sheryl will follow up with Joel Campbell regarding getting her here.

Lisa reported that Tom Zolner will be on a book tour at that time and is checking with his publisher to see if they’ll fund a visit here. Dan Egan is unable to do it.

Sheryl will reach out to Brian at the Denver Pro chapter and will also ask the New Mexico chapter for help with funding. Sheryl will email out a proposed schedule for the conference and have board members provide input.

Treasurer’s Report

Tom reported that we have $3,700 in the bank after finally receiving our share of the entry fees from last year’s Top of the Rockies contest.

PIO event

The board discussed a possible PIO event that had been suggested as a fundraiser at our last board meeting. Both Nate and Lisa expressed serious concerns that the event would be about paying for access to journalists . After much discussion, the board decided not to have the event.

Special awards event

Another proposed fundraiser, an event to present the five contest special awards, was discussed. There was concern that we would have poor attendance,  that people would be unlikely to pay to go to both this event and the contest banquet. The board decided not to pursue this any further. (Jim made the motion.)


The board discussed several ways to raise funds for the chapter besides having these events. The consensus was that we might have to just go to different organizations and ask for contributions. Suggestions included: media groups, the ACLU, media attorneys, schools, theMcCarty family and Robert Redford.

Nate will make a list and the board will discuss it at our next board meeting.

Contest Banquet

The board discussed a possible date and venue for the contest banquet.

Lisa will check on the Fort Douglas venue for June 12 or 19. She also volunteered to be over the food.

Next Meeting:  Feb. 13, Salt Lake Trib. 6:30 p.m.

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