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It’s increasingly rare for a news organization or freelancer to have the resources to fight for access to records, hearings an other information that protects the public. The Society of Professional Journalists “fights and wins battles for Freedom of Information and First Amendment rights that might not otherwise be fought at all.”

In addition to supporting the First Amendment, the SPJ offers:

How to join:

You can sign up online or print off and mail in the PDF application.

Dues are $75 for the year for active professionals (and there are other prices for students, retirees and more). We realize that most journalists wake up each morning and do a Scrooge McDuck dive into a swimming pool of money, but you still have the option to pay dues in a single payment or break them into a small monthly payment.


IMPORTANT: Dues to join the Utah Headliners are just $10. We’ve been recognized by the national SPJ for training and resources we offer our journos — it’s a Hamilton well spent. Email Headliners President McKenzie Romero to become a chapter member. You can also join the Utah SPJ’s Facebook group here.

You don’t have to identify as a journalist to join. The SPJ offers a supporter membership for just $20. You still get access to journalist resources and there are discounts on trainings and conferences.

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