IRE Watchdog Workshop

From Utah SPJ board member Linda Petersen:

“Here’s an upcoming workshop that some of you might be interested in.”

Watchdog Workshop
Salt Lake City — May 1-2, 2009

Friday – Saturday

Hosted by

The Salt Lake Tribune and the University of Utah

IRE is bringing its highly rated Better Watchdog Workshop to Salt Lake City.

We’ll offer several of our core sessions that will improve your ability to find information on the Web quickly, point you to key documents that will help you produce quick-hit enterprise stories and give you tips on the best approaches when conducting interviews or developing sources.

In addition, this workshop will give you tips on how to bulletproof stories, how to deal with freedom of information laws and public records, and useful Web sites and strategies for using Internet tools such as wikis, blogs, robots and RSS feeds.

The cost is $30.

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