Minutes from 9/12/09 SPJ meeting

Minutes from 9/12/09 Utah SPJ Board Meeting (note these minutes are subject to change until approval at 10/3/09 meeting)

Members present:
Ben Winslow
Laura Hancock
Maria Titze
Sheryl Worsley
Don Meyers
Allison Hess
Connie Coyne
Jim Fisher
Tom Haraldsen
Linda Petersen
Marie Mischel

Announcements: The Utah Headliners Chapter won best small pro chapter at this year’s convention, again, and the Weber State University chapter won best campus chapter. Also, the Utah SPJ has been awarded 4 star status by the national organization.

Reaffirm Officers as

    • President Allison Barlow Hess
    • Vice President Tom Haraldsen
    • Secretary Ben Winslow
    • Freedom of Information Chair Linda Petersen
      • Sunshine/Black Hole Committee Don Meyers
    • Historian Amy Stewart
    • Membership Chair Maria Titze
    • Publicity Chair Gus Garcia
    • Contest Chair Allison Hess
      • Members Connie Coyne
      • Sheryl Worsley
    • Ethics Chair Doug Gibson
      • (possible committee John Daley)
    • Campus Representative
      • Laura Hancock

Tom Haraldsen has agreed to serve as an interim treasurer until a replacement can be found. Other members of Utah SPJ being sought to fill vacant positions on the board.

Programs for the year

    • Contest Allison
      • Discussion of Banquet Date Jim — Jim Fisher has agreed to check on booking the Officer’s Club at the U. for June 11. Alcohol can be served there. Also, dates of the contest coordination will be moved up by at least a day.

Discussion was held on various contest issues. Allison said the regional “Top of the Rockies” contest was beneficial with Utah entries and she would like to see the board encourage more people to enter it from Utah news outlets.

Maria brought up streamlining the awards and the categories. After discussion and input from board members, Allison sought ideas for next board meeting at ways to pair down the categories and ideas for ways to present the awards in either a video or another format.

    • Sunshine Event Linda, Don
    • Ethics Event? Doug
    • Diversity Event?
    • New Media Event?

Discussion was held on various trainings being offered. Linda is planning at least one. On any new media event, Jim, Ben, Laura, Sheryl and Marie (if available) will plan an event. Ideas to be presented at the next board meeting.


    • Hospital Privacy/DWR — Maria Titze brought up an issue with the Division of Wildlife Resources running interference for a family involved in a bear attack in SE Utah. The family did speak to KSL, even after the DWR claimed they wanted no contact with the media. DWR would not even say what hospital the victim was taken to. GRAMA request at the AG’s Office also created its own issue. Maria and Jim will coordinate to write a letter to various agencies and entities in an effort to provide better cooperation in the future.

UFOG report

    • Linda
    • Nominations for Sunshine and Black Hole
      • Judge Michael Lyons (sunshine)

Linda said she is continuing to take nominations for the sunshine and black hole awards. Linda is also planning a UFOG training in Orangeville, UT soon.

Linda raised an issue about possible changes to GRAMA and information laws in the upcoming session of the Legislature. The changes could be very adverse to public access to government records. Linda and Allison are planning a meeting to learn more later in the month. They will update at the next board meeting.

Next board meeting is Oct. 3, 9 a.m. at KSL Broadcast House, 55 N. 300 W., SLC, UT


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