December SPJ Meeting minutes

Minutes from Dec. 5 SPJ minutes –

Members present: Amy K. Stewart, Trent Nelson, Tom Haraldsen, Linda Petersen, Allison Barlow-Hess, Ben Winslow, Jim Fisher, Don Meyers

Video Update: Linda is working on a video on open government laws for high school students. However, it has been postponed until Jan. 9.

Legislature Update: Linda reports that a lawmaker is considering some legislation to take government employee salaries out of open records law. Linda wrote a letter on behalf of UFOG, expressing concern. Ben inquired as to whether there were lobbying plans in the Legislature. Still being discussed.

Sunshine/Black Hole: No nominations, but they are still being accepted.

Top of the Rockies Contest: Don says the deadline is Dec. 18. Jon in Denver sent info out, national SPJ also publicized it. Amy says there is a question from the Deseret News about circulation classifications, DNews and Trib are in different ones.

Contest: Members have agreed to judge some entries from Oklahoma, in exchange for future judging in our own contest, Allison reports.

Trent has taken a look at the categories for the Utah SPJ contest. He proposes two sports categories: Sports Action and Sports Feature. In News, he’s looking at breaking spot news and breaking photos. News photo, you get stuff like funerals, soldier deployments, legislature. Allison suggests two categories for spot news and general news. Trent suggested digital only for photo entries, similar to what was happening with the Utah News Photographers Association. When it came time to judging, send the judges the different links.

Trent says it can be expanded to include video by hosting on vimeo or YouTube or a hyper-linked story to the original site. Trent proposes UNPA and Utah SPJ merge sites for photo, we will attempt to take video entries on the site. We will still accept physical print and video entries.

Website – Add best overall blog, best blog entry, best overall news-oriented, best podcast (video or audio), best multi-media online (slideshow or audio/video), best use of social media (news oriented) (*site must be openly accessible).

Graphics – Opening up to TV, website, print, etc. Best art and illustration, best single page design. Linda suggests graphics goes up above newspaper because it’s open for everyone.

Trimming categories? Allison has researched the entries in past years. There was no single entry in the feature entry for category A newspapers, but there were a large number of entries in the smaller number of entries.

Best of dates: Should there be random months or dates? Members decide for January 15, April 22, November 9 for everything. Weeklies will be those weeks, monthlies those months, quarterly publication rules still apply.

Any suggestions for judging, please contact Allison.

Contest entries remain the same – $15 for non-members, $10 for members.

Allison motions, Jim seconds. Motion to change contest categories passes.

On the video, Ben will see if any TV stations express a willingness to create the video. This year it will include first-place only entries (to make time easier). Jim will create a booklet for all award winners. Amy K. Stewart will accept awards at the DesNews, Don Meyers will accept entries at his home in Payson for points south.

Next SPJ Board meeting: Jan. 2, 9 a.m. @ location TBD.


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