February Board Meeting minutes

2/6/10 Utah SPJ Board Meeting Minutes

Offices of the Intermountain Catholic newspaper

Members present: Linda Petersen, Marie Mischel, Don Meyers, Allison Barlow-Hess, Jim Fisher, Ben Winslow, Amy K. Stewart, Tom Haraldsen, Maria Titze

Approval of minutes for December, January.

1- Legislature/XChange update (Joel Campbell)

Joel is on speakerphone with a legislative update.

Linda brings up SB136 which would close the ethics committee meetings and exempt them from GRAMA. Also, SB138, SR133 deal with legislative ethics complaints, what is being proposed is they would be exempt from GRAMA and the meetings would be exempt from the open meetings act. Joel fears they are already “done deals.”

HB266 limits salary information to just public elected officials and appointed officials, the rest would be salary ranges. It has not moved in the legislature, thus far. HB415 would deal with e-mail communications protected. Linda says HB189 would add water rights to exemption in open meetings.

The lone good bill is HB278 would create an expedited response to a GRAMA request.

The Utah State Courts is proposing an access fee to use XChange. Many media outlets have expressed concern, the state is inviting public comment. The SPJ will urge newsrooms to comment against it.

2-Video progress (Linda)

Video is being filmed, Linda reports.

3- Sunshine/Black Hole (Linda/Don)

The call for nominations has gone out to newsrooms across the state, and it’s being posted on Facebook and on the blog. Still trying to pick a day to present the awards.

4- Search warrants update (Mike/Jeff)

On the issue of unsealing search warrant affidavits in the Susan Powell case, the Utah SPJ has joined in. Ditto for the Roberto Roman arrest warrant affidavit. The SPJ is a friend of the court brief, at this point.

Sheryl sent out a letter to newsroom directors asking for support.

5- Contest (Allison)

The banquet will be June 11. Sorting for contest entries is March 13 (UPDATED). All members need to bring a laptop. Sorting will take place at Intermountain Catholic’s facilities (tentative). Ben will ask Fox13 if they will produce the video!

6- Social Meeting –

A panel discussion addressing ethics and social media will be held April 8, 2010 – 12-1 at the Skyroom at the U of U. SPJ members are participating.

7- Region 9 Director –

John Enslin is leaving his post to work with the national SPJ. Anybody wanna be the new Region 9 director?

8- Other –

SPJ Region 9 Conference is April 9-10 in Denver. Allison makes a motion to pay a small stipend ($200) to offset the costs of those active Utah board members who travel. Sheryl seconds. Unanimous passage.

Utah SPJ website moving to wordpress format. Allison moves to spend about $200 to help it out. Sheryl seconds. Unanimous.

9- Next meeting –

March 13 at the offices of Intermountain Catholic newspaper! Sorting party!


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