SPJ August board meeting minutes

SPJ Board Meeting Minutes – 8/21/10

Members present: Sheryl Worsley, Jim Fisher, Allison Barlow-Hess, Amy K. Stewart, Don Meyers, Linda Petersen, Tom Haraldsen

1- Minutes approved from 5/1/10.

2- Financial report presented by Tom. We spent $9,293 on the awards banquet and made $4,075 from it. The bulk of our financing comes from the awards banquet. Some of the money is spent on scholarships, travel to regional conferences. Overall, chapter finances are small but healthy.
We also have new members joining.

3- Election of new board: Tom Haraldsen is president, Sheryl Worsley is VP, Linda Petersen is treasurer, Ben Winslow is secretary. Don makes a motion, Amy K. seconds. Passes unanimously.
We have a call for positions: Program chair, FOIA Chair (Linda Petersen selected), Membership, Publicity, Contest, Ethics, Campus Liaison. Call for positions sent out on FB.

4- Goals for next year: Held off until new board members are put in place.

5- National Convention in Las Vegas: October 3-5 at Planet Hollywood in Vegas, baby!
Don Meyers is running for Region 9 director. To ensure a good representation, the Utah SPJ board is spending $1,000 to pay for registration of interested parties. Allison motions, Linda seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

6- Capitol press issues: There have been numerous issues that have come up in regards to press access at the state capitol building. Allison Gamble with the Capitol Preservation Board has asked for a Capitol Press Association to mediate issues such as parking, live truck access, press room, mult box, etc. Ben is inquiring if the SPJ would be willing to fill that role.
SPJ will invite Allison Gamble to speak with the board about the issues. Tom will contact national SPJ and other chapters to see how they handle this.

7- Incoming president of national SPJ is coming to Utah this winter. We’re looking at hosting a reception for her/discussion.

8- Narrative workshop in July 9, 2011 (put on by national SPJ). Would we be willing to help out? Yes.

9- Other: Do we want to put on the regional SPJ conference? Generally, yes.
At the national SPJ conference, do we want to poll membership for resolutions/who to vote for? Answer, no formal policy but an informal poll.

10- Next board meeting is September 18, 9am at KSL.


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