September meeting minutes

SPJ Board Meeting 9/18/10

Board members present: Linda Petersen, Ben Winslow, Amy K. Stewart, Geoff Liesik, Jim Fisher, Sheryl Worsley, Tom Haraldsen, Allison Barlow-Hess, Shane Farver.

1- August 21 board meeting minutes approved. Tom makes a change to the minutes. FOI Chair was selected to be Linda.

2- Financial report: Tom updated us on the state of the chapter. The Top of the Rockies proved to be a decent financial generator for the chapter.

3- Introduction of new members: Geoff Liesik and Shane Farver have expressed interest in joining the board. We have also had interest from others, who are not in attendance.

4- Board openings: Geoff asked for more ways to involve people from outside the Salt Lake City area. We will look at using Skype. Questions have also been raised about those who have lost jobs in the recent Deseret News layoffs, and others who have transitioned to different employment. Will they continue to participate on the board?

Concern was expressed that some of the entities SPJ is contributing to are not participating on the board, as we require. Sheryl made a motion to send reminder letters. Ben seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

5- Goals for the coming year: Linda is planning to do more training on open government. She is seeking materials to use in trainings. Editorial cartoons, articles, copies of lawsuits, etc. Send them to Linda.

6- Convention update/approval of registration funding: Tom approved up to $1,000 for people expressing interest in going to the convention. We’re spending about $1,300 for some board members and general members to be reimbursed for some conference registration. Allison motioned, Sheryl seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

7- Herbert case update: Tom says the attorney for Nathan Herbert motioned to unseal. Linda expressed concern about funding for future cases. Ben suggests a fund be created (budget item) to build money for legal issues. Sheryl motions, Linda seconds to place at a minimum of $1,000 annually for a legal defense fund. Tom said the board needs to vote on approval of spending. Motion passes unanimously.
Allison said the SPJ needs to do more to advance the issue in the court of public opinion.

8- Capitol press corps issue: Tom checked with national SPJ. They suggested we should not be intervening, but there are chapters that assist groups. Allyson Gamble cannot meet until at least November. Ben is looking at creating an informal association for capitol press reporters.

9- Hagit Limor (current SPJ president) is looking to visit SLC on Jan. 14. Tom is looking at setting up an event that evening.

10- Other business: Regional conference is coming up. Will SLC host? Discussion tabled until next meeting.

11- Next meeting: October 9, 2010 @ KSL Broadcast House at 9 a.m.


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