November 6 Utah SPJ meeting minutes

SPJ Board Meeting 11/6/10

Members present: Ben Winslow, Shane Farver, Jeff Barrus, Amy K. Stewart, Doug Gibson, Lisa Carracuburu, Jim Fisher, Linda Petersen, Sheryl Worsley

1- Minutes approved.

2- SPJ President Hagit Limor is looking to come to SLC on Jan. 14. Tom is inquiring about whether or not to host a reception for her. Ben will help organize it.

3- The SPJ was billed $293 for fighting for open records in the Herbert case. Also, Don and Tom need to straighten out the checking account.

4- The Jordan River Restoration Network GRAMA issue. Linda is getting documentation to determine whether or not SPJ should get involved with an amicus brief.

5- Tom reminds all members to keep track of what they do in regards to advancing SPJ, to go in the annual report.

6- Regional Conference and contest.
The contest: Tom and Sheryl are co-chairs of the contest. Linda will handle the awards part of it. Tom is going to attempt to simplify the sorting of the contest entries. Ben suggests waiting for Allison, who has a list of suggestions.
Linda/Tom/Sheryl advocate digital filing of contest entries. Linda suggests allowing hard copy entries as a backup. Lisa wants to know how to create the website to accept digital entries.
Ben proposes asking Trent Nelson to talk about designing a system to accepting entries, Linda will ask her son, who designs websites to help, Lisa will also check. Issues raised about accepting payment.
Issue to be discussed a December meeting.

Regional Conference: April 8-9, 2011. Last time, there was a significant drop off in attendance after lunch on Saturday.

Don is suggesting a theme. “The More Things Change…”

Discussions may include new media, a hands on workshop on video, etc., ethics in new media, citizen journalists vs. regular journalists and how they can co-exist, multi-platform journalism, resume workshops, ethics in new media, journalism basics, social media, alternative publications, etc.

Three panels simultaneously. Linda suggests ending with a luncheon. Friday night panel will be on bloggers vs. traditional media. Ben will contact bloggers. Possibly hosted at the Trib. Finger food will be served.
Next meeting, December 4, 9 a.m. at Fox 13 studios.


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