October 15 SPJ Board Minutes

SPJ Board Minutes 10/15/11

Members present: Jim Fisher, Tom Haraldsen, Linda Petersen, Renai Bodley, Ben Winslow, Allison Barlow-Hess, Shane Farver, Sheryl Worsley

1- Minutes from Aug. 27 meeting approved.

2- Treasurer’s report – Linda presents the report. The banquet was a loss compared to the contest. The national convention expenses have been submitted. The account is at about $8,000.

3- Recap of National Convention – There were seven members of the Utah SPJ chapter who attended the convention in New Orleans.

Linda Petersen has been asked to serve as national FOI chair. She is planning a redesign of the FOI website to make it more user friendly. Linda gives an update on the GRAMA working group and does expect open records issues to be brought up again next year.

For the fourth year in a row, the Utah chapter has received an award from the national organization for its work. John Ensslin, the former Region 9 director, is now president of SPJ. Dave Cullier is bringing a presentation to Price in November.

Tom feels the combination of SPJ/RTDNA was good. The delegates voted down resurrecting the Helen Thomas Award. Membership dues will go up $3. The Utah chapter opposed the idea. There will now be one member, one vote when it comes to elections. Starting in 2012, every paying member of SPJ will have the opportunity to vote on officers (not resolutions).

The star system is dead for chapter awards. Ben has been asked by John Ensslin to serve on programming for regions.

Denver has agreed to host the next Region 9 conference. Don Meyers will form a committee to help plan programming and things. Colorado is also seeking to host the 2013 SPJ/RTDNA convention.

4- Discussion of programming for the next year – Tom is seeking input on programming from next year.

Tom raises the issue of offering discounts for membership. Discussion was held. Some members are not opposed to it, but others are. Renai suggests offering a couple of nights a year in job coaching for out of work journalists.
Other possible topics include covering LGBT issues or panels of hot topics currently in the news, newsroom tours, etc. Linda said there is an FOI event coming up with League of Women Voters.

5- Appointment of officers to the board – As of now, the only officers on the board are president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.

Tom would like to create the position of publicity coordinator and membership coordinator. Allison said she is willing to take on the role of publicity coordinator. Tom would like to do more for recruitment of members. Tom would like to do more to coordinate programming. Shane has agreed to help with some programming.

7- Creation of committee to plan banquet – The need is to select a venue and a date now, not waiting until the spring.

June 15 has been selected as the night for the awards banquet. Ben again suggests appetizers. Renai suggests something similar to the UBEE awards. Renai has agreed to help coordinate some of the planning.

Tom is proposing another meeting on Dec. 8 (tentatively) at the FOX 13.


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