Board Meeting Minutes – May 23, 2013

SPJ Board Meeting 5/23/13 at the Salt Lake Tribune building


In attendance:

Tom Haraldsen, Sheryl Worsley, Jim Fisher, Shane Farver, Linda Petersen, Lisa Carricaburu , McKenzie Romero


Tom reported that just seven board members had voted on the honor awards.

Tom reported that we still have to judge entries for the Louisiana SPJ chapter. The entries are all TV, so Sheryl will work on getting judges and will contact Ben Winslow to help.

Awards dinner:

Thursday, June 20 at the Fort Douglas Officers Club

Sheryl has contracted with Isabella’s to provide the catering. They will provide Lasagna, Chicken Cordon Bleu, vegetable dish, sides and dessert for under $1,800.

Sheryl will get the second half of the facility rental to the officers club.

Sheryl and Lisa have been working on ideas for the ceremony:

Tom and Jim will be the M.Cs for the evening.

Robert Kirby has agreed to speak as long as he doesn’t have to have shoulder surgery. (He will know next week. Lisa will contact him.)

Program Outline:

Dinner first

Board members will take turns honoring the first place winners.

McKenzie will get the email list of winners from Trent and send out the invite.

Sunshine /Black Hole Awards

After discussion, the board voted unanimously to give more than one Sunshine Award (Lisa proposed the motion; Tom seconded).

Lisa made the motion to give Betsy Ross the first award for her long history of open government and transparency. Tom seconded it. The board unanimously supported it.

Shane made the motion to give SL Police Chief Chris Burbank the second award for his for his creation of a real-time online police call log.

Motion was seconded by Tom and was approved unanimously.

Black Hole

After discussion of whether to give more than one award, the board decided that doing so would dilute the impact of the award.

Lisa made the motion to give the award to UTA for its lack of transparency in several areas. Jim seconded it and the motion was unanimously approved.

Lisa will write the press release and get it to McKenzie– who will send to all the chapter’s email lists and to the legislature. She will post the list on the chapter web page and Facebook after the banquet.

Search Warrants

Nate Carlisle, on behalf of the chapter, attended the Judicial Council over Rules meeting where search warrants were discussed. The council seems to support a six-month sunset on the sealing of search warrants. However, the Salt Lake County District Attorney is concerned about how that would affect cold cases. The item was tabled so language could be formulated to address cold cases.

Nate believes the council is pretty committed to the sunset provision. However, the idea of addressing the language to clarify the ambiguity did not get much of a response from the council.

They will still provide the database of search warrants by district as unsealed. No one knows why.

McKenzie brought up the issue of reporters (and others) now being charged $2.50 each to see probable cause statements. Even though the information is digital to begin with, there’s now a charge. She believes it’s because X-change was set up as a pay system and they incorporated these data bases without adapting for free access.

Sheryl said this is an issue our chapter needs to address. There’s a meeting of the committee which has been working out the details of media access for cameras in the court room in June. She will bring the issue up to that group then.

Next meeting: Sept. 12, Jim’s house, 6:30 p.m.


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