Board Meeting Minutes — Sept. 12, 2013

Utah Headliners Board Meeting Sept. 12, 2013

In attendance: Sheryl Worsley, Tom Haraldsen, Chad Curtis, Jim Fisher, Don Myers and Linda Petersen

  •  Regional conference will be March 28 & 29.

The board favors having it at BYU Salt Lake, but there’s a concern about whether they’ll allow caffeine on the premises. Chad is going to check it out and report back to the board. He’ll also find out if BYU Salt Lake will allow coffee to be brought in from Starbuck’s across the street.

  • There was some discussion of getting a $500 chapter grant from national for the regional conference, but Don said it cannot be used for that purpose.
  • Don reported on some national changes.

SPJ has a new online registration program that does not allow members who do not indicate a local chapter they want to affiliate with to be assigned to the nearest chapter, as has been the practice in the past. With this change, most chapters will lose members.

It could affect how many votes our chapter will have at convention.

Sheryl said we need to be proactive to get members.

  • Discussion of student chapters:

Apparently there’s a UVU chapter. Jim will find out about it and try and connect with the president. (Jim is now an instructor at UVU.)

? is going to contact Glenn Feighery about the U of U chapter which SPJ deemed inactive at convention.

There was a discussion of where its funds would go if the chapter is dissolved. At convention, SPJ executive board says it automatically goes back to national unless the officers of the dissolving chapter specify elsewhere.

Jim believes that chapter has indicated that if it dissolves its funds should go to Utah Headliners

Don was assigned to reach out to the chapter at USU if there is one.

  • SPJ has indicated that regional directors should have an independent treasurer for their SPJ funds .  As our regional director, Don asked national if they would fill that role but they declined.

He wants to know if Utah Headliners will do it.

Tom, as treasurer, said he’d consider it.

  • Don wants to have a regional conference committee but board members felt it wasn’t very viable. Instead suggested that other chapters be asked to provide input ahead of us deciding on programming.

Don said national wants us to do a session on the ethics code and whether it needs to be revised.

  • Don has been named to the national board.

Linda reported that the national FOI committee is going to change the Black Hole award so it will be given on an as-needed basis, rather than annually. Its success in the fight against HB477  in Utah is being touted by SPJ President Dave Cuillier as an indication of how valuable the award can be, when given at the right time.

Linda also reported that Dave has big plans to change both the national website and the workings of the organization to make it more relevant to members and more appealing to journalists who should be members. Details to follow.

  •  Sheryl reported on the committee that is working on getting cameras in the courtroom

She said they’ve run into a few snags on how best to share the feed but they’re working it out. They want to look at how other states handle it.

  • Programming for the year was discussed. Board members want to do at least four programs:

Boot Camp where members would be free; non-members $10; regional conference.

Other possible programming ideas discussed were:

  1. Writing workshop
  2. PIO training
  3. Media report card
  4. Hispanic community – how do we cover you? Ethnic community

After much discussion, the board settled on an event about covering the LGBT community for sometime in November. Will flesh it out at the next board meeting

  • Discussed various ideas for fundraisers:
  1. Hall of Fame
  2. Giving major chapter awards separately from the contest awards
  3. Could tie in with Sunshine Week auction
  4. Ebay auction
  • Open board positions were discussed:

With Shane Farver leaving the board, we have no membership chair. Sheryl said she will see if McKenzie would be willing to do both membership & publicity.

The board agreed that we need to have reps. from U of U and Weber. That is a condition of the scholarships Utah Headliners awards those schools.

Everyone agreed that Headliners should give scholarships directly to the recipients rather than as is the case at the U of U, going through the school’s scholarship fund.

Don was assigned to reach out to Weber.

  • Tom reported that after all expense were tallied, we made $ 4,166.24 from the contest. Since annual expenses are coming in a little above that, it’s clear we need to do some fundraising.

Jim is going to ask the staff of Westview, a small community paper in his area, to the next board meeting.

Next meeting: Oct. 12, 9:30 a.m. KSL


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