Board Meeting Minutes — March 11, 2014

Meeting minutes: March 11, 2014

Present: Jim Fisher, Chad Curtis, Nate Carlisle, McKenzie Romero, Cimaron Neugebauer, Emma Penrod, Connie Coyne, Tom Haraldsen, Lisa Carricaburu, Sheryl Worsley.

  1. Minutes from Feb. 13, 2014, meeting were approved.
  2. Haraldsen gave a financial report. The account balance is $5,600. Balance reflects contributions to the SPJ Region 9 Conference from Colorado and New Mexico SPJ chapters.
  3. Cameras in the Courtroom Committee met earlier this month. Worsley has been approached by a divorce attorney who has requested to be pool for purposes of recording procedures in divorce court to air on his YouTube channel. He’s been turned down multiple times. She said she will tell him it’s up to the committee to decide whether to allow him to take a camera into the courtroom. Fisher raised a concern about the committee defining who qualifies as a journalist for purposes of awarding pool privileges. He wanted that concern noted in the minutes.
  4. Haraldsen updated the status of contest entries. As of the meeting, there were only 20 entries with just less than two weeks to go before the deadline. Board members agreed to contact all media outlets in the state to encourage them to submit entries.
  5. Carlisle and Coyne discussed options for an SPJ-sponsored water symposium to be held in fall 2014. They’d like to see whether it could be held at a hotel rather than at one of the universities. Possible symposium topics include:
  • Colorado River Compact
  • Snake Valley
  • How to cover water districts
  • The role of water in energy
  • Snowpack, watersheds, lakes and reservoirs
  • How population growth threatens supply


Penrod suggested sessions on where to find data and sources and how to talk with/interview scientists.

Others also suggested a session briefing the state of Utah’s water supply.

With the board’s approval, Carlisle said he’ll proceed with efforts to secure grants to help fund the symposium, including perhaps one from SPJ. Contact there is Tara Puckey.

  1. Region 9 Conference:
  • Schedule is more or less finalized.  The board decided there will be concurrent session in the 10:30, 2 and 3 time slots.
  • Carlisle will find a third panelist for the NSA panel discussion on Friday night.
  • Worsley said a group called IFOIA may present as well if they’re willing to do it without a charge.
  • Each board member committed to donate items for the silent auction, which will be in the conference room behind the registration desk. Penrod and Petersen will run the auction.
  • Coyne will run the registration desk with assistance from Carricaburu, starting at 5:15 Friday night at The Tribune and 8 a.m. Saturday at the BYU Salt Lake Center.
  • Coffee will be provided Saturday morning in the lobby of KSL. Box lunches will be provided during the conference. Cost for $10 per person for a total cost of $1,184.  Worsley and Curtis will provide the drinks. Worsley also asked for an estimate on Saturday breakfast and still was waiting for it.
  • Haraldsen will see if we can get pens with the Utah Headliners logo, plus the URL, on them for the conference.
  • Coyne will get nametags and markers.

Meeting adjourned at 8:42 p.m.


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