Board Meeting Minutes — Aug. 14, 2014

In attendance: McKenzie Romero, Nate Carlisle, Connie Coyne, George Seversen, Linda Petersen, Sheryl Worsley, Tom Haraldsen.

Visitor: Eric Peterson – City Weekly

A motion was made to wait to approve minutes until our September board meeting (not everyone had a chance to review). Sheryl will prepare an addendum to be added of the June meeting (which was just a brief meeting before our awards reception.)

Membership update – McKenzie

We have 56 paid members currently. Sheryl just received a check from National for membership.

Financial update – Tom

We have a few small outstanding bills from the contest and the regional conference. Currently we have $7,148.74 in checking. While contest entries slightly lower than last year, we have more money than this time last year because we actually made money on the regional conference (a first!) thanks in large part to our sponsors. Tom will give a full report at our next meeting.

McKenzie heard from Don Meyers who is now in Yakima, Washington. He has some regional director money. He is going to send it to Headliners for “safekeeping.” (Someone called Tom Johnson is running unopposed for Region 9 director.)

A discussion ensued about why entry numbers have dropped. Possibilities are economics, i.e. news outlets are not paying for contests much anymore. There also may be a perception among some major outlets that there is not much competition.

Connie suggested reaching out to TV and radio to see what we can do for them and involve them in SPJ more. She volunteered to head up a subcommittee to come up with ideas.

Eric said he has been thinking about reaching out to more recently established blogs to help them learn about FOI, GRAMA, ethics and other issues. We discussed the possibility of sponsoring it as a possible Headliners program. Eric is going to flesh out the idea and bring it back to us in September. McKenzie asked everyone to come up with a program idea for next month.

Water symposium – Nate

After researching the issue, Nate has determined that it won’t be possible to put the symposium on this year. We had hoped to get grants from foundations but Nate said they’re only interested in dealing with nonprofits. UFOG, since it does not file yearly reports and has been largely inactive this last year, is not a strong possibility to partner with even though it has 501c3 status. The Utah Association of Latino Journalists just got approved for 501c3 status. It has taken two years. McKenzie and Sheryl are going to

Connie made the motion to table the symposium and pursue the chapter getting 501c3 designation. Sheryl seconded the motion. It was a unanimous vote of support.

Test the waters of how we partner with UFOG.

Excellence In Journalism (SPJ national conference) plans for McKenzie & Sheryl

Sheryl will be the delegate, because McKenzie has to leave early. The chapter will pay for McKenzie.

KSL is paying for Sheryl. Tom asked them to get contacts for our contest. Since delegates will vote on whether to change the code of ethics Sheryl asked everyone to read the draft of SPJ ethics codes and let her know how they feel.

Board members & responsibilities

Connie is the new membership chair. She is writing an email to encourage local journalists to get involved with SPJ and is testing it on the Salt Lake Tribune staff.  The email discusses the idea that journalism is in such a precarious position that people need to be more networked with other journalists through SPJ. The more that we stand together the stronger we are. SPJ puts you together with the ideas about journalism that are important in the state.

(Sheena McFarland will be back on board next month, Connie reports)

We recapped the decisions made at June meeting/ vote in officers

Past President: Sheryl Worsley

President: McKenzieRomero

Contest /Treasurer: Tom Haraldsen

Secretary/FOI – Linda Petersen

Ethics – Jim Fisher

Publicity – George Seversen

Student – Emma Penrod

Membership – Connie Coyne

Tom suggested that there should be a required minimum attendance for board members. The bylaws don’t address any attendance requirements. Sheryl made a motion that we include that requirement in the bylaws. Tom seconded the motion. Unanimous vote in support.

Connie & McKenzie will go through the bylaws and come up with recommendations.

In June the board voted Nate as vice president with the caveat that Nate accept. Nate is unable to accept the responsibility at this time.

McKenzie suggested George for the position of VP. Tom made the motion to nominate George for the position and Connie seconded it. Unanimous vote in support

With George moving into the VP position, that left the publicity position open. Nate volunteered to do publicity

Connie made the motion to approve Nate and Sheryl seconded it. Unanimous vote in support.

Next Meeting:  Sept. 27 – 10 a.m. George’s house


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