Board Meeting Minutes – Oct. 16, 2014

SPJ – Utah Headliners
10-16-14 Board Meeting Minutes
Location: Jim Fisher Residence

Nate Carlisle, McKenzie Romero, Jim  Fisher, Emma Penrod, Eric Peterson, Sheryl Worsley, Joel Campbell, Tiffany Frandsen (UVU Student)

Meeting was called to order at 6:40pm
1. Approval of the minutes: Nate Carlisle made a motion to approve the minutes of the Sept. 27, 2014 Board Meeting. Sheryl Worsley 2nd.. unanimous approval

2. Finances Update. Tom is excused for illness. McKenzie summarized finance report update.
Check was cut for Ben Winslow for website reimbursement.
Seeking more affordable website hosting options.

3. Court Pool Update.. Sheryl Worsley provided report.
– New FTP site established for sharing court video pool – Chad Curtis, BYU-TV created and sent out the login and registration info to media members.
– Seeking legal counsel from Jeff Hunt and David Reymann on the issue of who should be able to participate in the established court pool.
* It’s our understanding that the court feels only established, registered media should be allowed to participate in pool.
* SPJ wants to protect freedom of the press and does not want to go down the road of the court deciding who is or isn’t a member of the media.
– Court Pool Members meet with legal advisors Tuesday 10/21 at 2PM at KSL.

4. Forest Service Letter Update presented by Nate Carlisle. The letter calls for a permitting process for commercial photographers/videographers that that will not impact journalists, Our concern is that the parks will want to impose fees on journalists covering stories in the parks
Nate summarized the message of the letter and passed it around.
Public Comment runs thru November..
Jim Fisher made a motion to approve the letter for signature and submit. Sheryl Worsley 2nd the motion. Passed unanimously.

5. Sponsorship of Visiting Foreign Reporter – Josh Smith, reporting for Stars & Stripes currently. Seasoned war/conflict correspondent.
12/1 – SUU Presentation
12/2 – SLC Presentation
Honorarium – SPJ should consider providing $250 (Honorarium was approved)
Free Event – no charge
Possible locations…SLC Library, KSL
Sheryl Worsley moved to sponsor Josh Smith’s presentation. Jim Fisher 2nd the motion. Passed unanimously.
* Outreach to college campuses… Emma is developing updated contact lists at Universities.

6. SPJ Utah Headliners Survey presented by Nate Carlisle
– Bottom line.. not many journalists know who we are and what we do and when we do it. A third of the respondents didn’t know we held an annual banquet. 94 Respondents. Nate summarized the survey results and provided digital and hard copies to everyone present. Most respondents were professional journalists who are interested in instructional seminars/programs.
Nate recommends everyone reviews the survey and sends feedback to board.
Establishing a task force to review/decipher survey results: Nate Carlisle, Emma Penrod & Jim Fisher with McKenzie Romero serving as an observer to the task force.

7. Blogger Training Session..presented by Eric Peterson.
Planning.. we need to secure location.. at the BYU Salt Lake Center. Joel says we have a reservation for 11/15. Time: 10am to 2pm – 3 x 50 minute sessions with lunch provided by SPJ Utah Headliners.
Alternate location: SLCC is a possibility.
Cost: We’d like to keep it under $150.
Type of classroom necessary – non-computer equipped is fine.
Estimating 15-20 participants.
Rosemary Cundiff, Utah Ombudsman is planning to attend.
Eric Peterson (introduction)
Grama/FOIA – Rosemary Cundiff
Research – Nate Carlisle
Ethics & Legal – Jim Fisher and Joel Campbell
Seminar will be open to all…Nate Carlisle will send out alerts/invite to media outlets.

8. Additional/Misc. Business…
– McKenzie will distribute the latest information provided by Regional.

Next Board Meeting: Thursday November 20th at 6:30PM at Salt Lake Tribune. McKenzie will alert members of exact location.

Jim Fisher moved to adjourn, Nate 2nd motion.
Meeting adjourned at 7:42


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