A message from Headliners President McKenzie Romero

Dearest journalists,

As we near the end of 2016, it is clear this year has been one of milestones as well as stumbling blocks for journalists around the country and in our state. Now more than ever, I hope our commitment to sharing essential information and telling compelling stories will underscore all that we do. I am especially proud of the efforts this year by Utah journalists seeking the public’s records, opening closed doors and shining light on forgotten members of our community.

This year, the Headliners board has accomplished great things — including recognition from national SPJ leadership — for providing quality training to journalists at all levels on a number of important issues, including media law, reporting skills and sexual assault awareness. We will strive in 2017 to continue providing essential education for those in our field, often at no cost.

In the coming year, we invite you to attend our Region 9 conference in Salt Lake City (March 24-25), to be recognized in our annual contest and to stand with us as we support records and access battles around the state.

Happy holidays, Headliners, and good work!


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