One Person, One Vote?

Utah SPJ members:

An important debate will take place at the SPJ’s National Convention this Thursday-Sunday regarding voting. It is called “One Member, One Vote.” You can read all about it here.

It is the Utah Headliners Chapter position to vote for the “One Member, One Vote” change. The current system of electing national SPJ board members is one of delegates that is not particularly fair for smaller chapters such as ours. It is our hope that with this change in voting procedures, every member of our organization has a voice in the election of our national representatives.

We welcome any feedback from our members.

-Ben Winslow
President, Utah Headliners Chapter
Society of Professional Journalists


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Here in Utah, our chapter has been involved in efforts to preserve open access to government records and educating fellow journalists and the readers/viewers/listeners we serve on the importance of GRAMA, FOIA, etc.

Recently, the Utah SPJ launched a successful “Tour de FOI” that sent us from Logan to St. George and from Tooele to Moab offering tips on accessing public information and government records.

We’ve got a number of exciting programs in the works for 2006-2007. Join our chapter to get involved!

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-Ben Winslow
President, Utah Headliners Chapter
Society of Professional Journalists