Upcoming Event.

The Utah League of Cities and Towns meeting is Thursday, Sept. 14.

The Utah Headliners Chapter of the SPJ will be presenting a workshop on GRAMA and the Open Meetings Act featuring our board members Allison Barlow-Hess and Ed Carter.

Allison has created a handy guide on open meetings for your use and we’ve posted it here:

-Ben Winslow
Utah Headliners Chapter
Society of Professional Journalists


1. All open meetings must be recorded, in addition to written minutes, with some exceptions.

3. Requires agendas that are issued with public notices to provide reasonable specificity as to the topics to be considered at the meeting, and prohibits a public body from taking final action on topics that are not posted, unless the meeting is an emergency meeting.

5. Amends the definition of “public body” to include only public bodies that are created by statute, rule, ordinance, or resolution

6. Requires a public body to record closed meetings instead of having
the option to either take minutes or make a recording.

9. Requires the presiding officer to ensure that Open and Public Meetings Act training is provided to the members of a public body annually.

10. Requires the Office of the Attorney General to provide public bodies with at least yearly notice of any material changes to the
requirements for the conduct of meetings under the act.

11. Provides that it is a class B misdemeanor for a member of a public body to knowingly or intentionally violate closed meeting provisions.

Read more about Open Meetings


Changes 2006, SB 9

Outline to Key Changes
Key Change Ref. #

Society of Professional Journalists
Utah Headliners Chapter


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