Upcoming event.

From SPJ member Joel Campbell at BYU:

The Utah Journalism and Education Team (UJET) Presents:

Education and the Media:
Finding Common Ground

You are cordially invited to attend this collaborative training session on Wednesday October 17, 2007 from 9 a.m. to 1p.m.
Participants will enjoy:

Presenters from BYU’s Department of Communications and media professionals

· Roundtable discussions on significant case studies

· Networking with educators and journalists

· Lunch

Room 2260 of the Brigham Young University Conference Center,
Located at 770 E. University Parkway (1650 North), Provo, Utah

There is a $5 charge for lunch
Checks or cash will be acceptable – A cashier will be provided at the event
Please RSVP to Joyce Terry
422-4646 or joyce_terry@byu.edu


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