SPJ Board – October minutes

Approved at the Nov. 7, meeting.

10/3/09 SPJ meeting @ KSL

9 a.m.

Present: Allison Barlow-Hess, Sethina (KTALK), Ben Winslow, Gus Garcia, Doug Gibson, Jim Fisher, Linda Petersen, Maria Titze, Don Meyers, Sheryl Worsley, Maria (Intermountain Catholic), Amy K. Stewart.

Don Meyers has agreed to help John Ensslin with the Top of the Rockies contest.

Contest/Banquet –– Jim Fisher updated the board on the costs for banquet facilities. Allison has agreed to contact City Weekly about sponsorship of a cash bar (they expressed interest last year). The banquet will be held June 11. Motion held to spend $600 to book the officer’s club at Ft. Douglas. Ben motions, Amy K. seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

Linda and Allison met with Utah AG Mark Shurtleff, staffers, to discuss GRAMA issues and pending legislation. The perspective is that support for pro-GRAMA legislation is waning. Linda and Allison feel it was a productive meeting.

Shield rule issues: National SPJ is urging calls, letters about the national shield law. Allison urges all to contact their senators in support.

Programming update:

Contest: Allison, Connie, and Sheryl to meet to do some planning for this year’s contest.

Sunshine Week: Linda is looking at developing a series of workshops to go out to communities and teach open government issues wherever/whenever. John Daley of KSL expressed interest in helping out.

Ethics: Doug and Gus is looking at an ethics event at the University of Utah.

Diversity: Maria brought up diversity within newsroom, possible forum idea.

New Media: Ben will think of ideas to advance new media reporting.

Other: A seminar on H1N1, vaccination, issues, etc., with scientific community.

Elizabeth Smart decorum order: There is concern over the Tribune‘s apparent violation of a decorum order. Discussion held on what to do. Maria motions to wait and see, Ben suggests a letter to the US District Court on relaxing the rules, Linda suggests a letter to the Trib. Gus seconds. Motion carries. Don abstains.

Hospital privacy/DWR: Jim is still drafting the letter regarding issues of agencies not sharing which hospitals victims are taken to.

UFOG: Nothing new to report.

Other: Concerns raised about closing governor’s commission meetings.

Nominations still being accepted for Sunshine/Black Hole.

Next meeting 11/7/09 at 9 a.m. Location TBA


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