SPJ Board – December meeting


December 5, 2009

Deseret News

  1. Video progress
    1. Linda

  1. Sunshine/Black Hole
    1. Linda/Don

  1. Top of Rockies
    1. Don

  1. Contest
    1. Suggestions by Trent about how to change photo:
    2. Suggestions and offer of help with online submissions
    3. Changing web and magazine categories
    4. Judges? Suggestions welcome
    5. Advertising: Sound out first e-mail immediately.
      1. Send forms first of January
      2. Follow-up e-mail every three weeks?
    6. Presentation
      1. Video for first place
      2. Booklet for all winners
      3. Allison provides info. Jim produces

  1. Handing out entries from Oklahoma

  1. Next meeting Jan. 2, 2009

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