Minutes from November meeting.

Nov. 3, 2009 — SPJ Meeting

Members present: Gus Garcia, Tom Haraldsen, Laura Hancock, Doug Gibson, Jim Fisher, Ben Winslow, Allison Barlow-Hess, Amy K. Stewart

AWARDS BANQUET UPDATE: Officer’s Club booked for next year’s banquet. Amy brought up sending out an e-mail about holiday clip gathering to encourage people to get ready for the contest.

CONTEST UPDATE: Laura contacted other SPJ chapters about how they handle contests. Utah has most categories of each of the comparable contests. We also have more entries than any other chapter. Laura wants to do more research on # of entries, etc. Discussion held on how to streamline the awards presentation, etc., a program for winners with only first place announced in the presentation video? Some categories need to be overhauled. Ben will inquire as to whether some TV stations are willing to edit the video.

Video may focus solely on first place award winners, with a program listing the second, third, honorable mention, etc. A booklet distributed at the banquet will include judge’s comments. VOTE to be held next month for the benefit of two contest committee members not here.

PROGRAMMING UPDATE: Still in planning/brainstorming stage.
Training on covering LGBT issues?
Blogging/ethics, etc.?

DECORUM ORDER ISSUE: Too many unknowns over SL Trib issue. Allison does not support sanctions, it is not the Utah SPJ’s role to formally sanction media organizations. Doug motions to do nothing. Jim seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

MEETING MINUTES: Approved and posted.

NEXT MEETING: December 5, 9 a.m. at the Deseret News.


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