Monthly SPJ Board Meeting – January 2010

This month’s meeting will be January 2, 2010 at the offices of the Intermountain Catholic Newspaper in Salt Lake City. The address is 27 C Street. The meeting starts at 9 a.m.

The agenda is as follows:


January 2, 2010

Intermountain Catholic

  1. Video progress
    1. Linda
  1. Sunshine/Black Hole
    1. Linda/Don
  1. Contest Judging for Oklahoma Pro
  1. Canal Letter to Representative Hunsaker
    1. Allison
  1. Colorado SPJ board seeks clarity on Summit Daily newsroom policies following firing of reporter.
    1. Tom
  1. Contest
    1. Online issues that need discussion
      1. Trent
    2. Suggestions and offer of help with online submissions
    3. Judges? Suggestions welcome
    4. Advertising: Sound out first e-mail immediately.
      1. Send forms first of January
      2. Follow-up e-mail every three weeks?
    5. Presentation
      1. Video for first place
      2. Booklet for all winners
      3. Allison provides info. Jim produces
  1. Social Meeting
      1. Entering Contest, having a member of their club attend our meetings or vice versa, joint activity
  1. Next meeting Feb. 6, 2009

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