Board Meeting Minutes – Feb. 28, 2013

Utah Headliners Board Meeting  2/28/13 Minutes

6 p.m. Salt Lake Tribune

In attendance:

Chad Curtis, Sheryl Worsley, Jim Fisher, Tom Haraldsen, Lisa Carricaburu, Don Meyers, Linda Petersen

1.     Contest

Contest deadline is March 15th. Only one entry received so far but Tom assured everyone that most come in at the last minute.

Tom has contacted other chapters and is waiting to hear back on whether they’ll swap judging with us.

He said he needs help with photography. Lisa said she would ask the Salt Lake Tribune’s director of photography, Jeremy Harmon, if he will help.

All present agreed to help judge entries when they come from the other chapters.

2.     Awards

The board felt the response among attendees to last year’s reception was mixed. It was clear we lost money on providing alcohol but not on the rest of the event. Lisa said she thought the Tribune would donate the alcohol for this year’s event. She is going to check on it and get back to the board.

After discussion of the pros and cons, the board decided to hold the event at the Ft. Douglas Officers Club if it’s available June 6 or 20. (The board felt like Fridays in June are often used as first days of long weekend vacations. Also, there were concerns that Fridays might be booked up already, so Thursday possibilities were chosen.) Jim will check on those dates and get back to the board.

The board decided on a dinner format with a limited presentation of winners, along with programs and posters of winners like last year.  (No video)

Chad made the motion to have the event in a dinner format at the officers club one of those dates. Jim seconded the motion. All aye.

Awards: Linda will get the awards from the same company that has done them for several years. Linda’s husband Boyd, who has printed up the certificates in past years, will only do so if he gets the list of winners in an Excel spreadsheet. (With that spreadsheet he can print them all in an hour vs. several hours of doing them manually.)

3.     Boot Camp

Response was very positive and all were pleased with the attendance numbers. The board will schedule a second boot camp later in the year.

4. Regional conference Santa Fe, NM April 13-15

Chad will be taking a vanload of BYU students.

Linda made the motion for Utah Headliners to cover the costs (airfare, rental car, hotel and conference registration) for Sheryl and Lisa.  Jim seconded the motion. All aye.

If any other board members are interested in going, they are to let the board know and some kind of partial compensation can be considered.

5. IRE workshops will be held March 15-16 at the Salt Lake BYU campus.

6.     Sunshine /Black Hole Awards

Linda reported that since the League of Women Voters no longer holds a Sunshine Week  (March 10-16) event where we have given out these awards, they will again be given out at the June awards banquet (like last year). She will send out the call for nominations during Sunshine Week with a deadline of April 30. She indicated that in the past we have had few nominations and that primarily the nominations come from the board. There was no shortage of possible candidates presented for the Black Hole awards and a couple of good possibilities for Sunshine awards. Linda asked the board members to think of other possibilities and will revisit the subject with the board in our April meeting.

7.     Cameras in court

Sheryl reported that she is on the Bench-Media Subcommittee  to determine how footage of court cases will be distributed. The committee is meeting next 3/6/13.

Sheryl expressed concern that the rule is written so that a judge is the person who determines what is newsworthy during coverage.

8.     Newsletter

Content for the newsletter is due right away for the March 15 issue.

Sheryl will submit an article on cameras in the court room and a president’s column.

Linda will write up something on the Sunshine and Black Hole awards.

Tom will submit a piece on the contest and awards.

More content is still needed.

9. Next meeting Thursday, March 28 at Jim’s house, 331 Argyle (642 West)

Adjourned at 7:30 p.m.


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