Board Meeting Minutes — March 26, 2013

Minutes from SPJ Board of Directors meeting

March 26, 2013

Fisher home—Salt Lake City


Present: Tom Haraldsen, Sheryl Worsley, Shane Farver, Jim Fisher, Trent Nelson, Don Meyers, Jennifer Weaver, Chad Curtis (via phone).


Judges are working on our contest from Louisiana, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Denver. Trent is contacting his photog friends to see if they will take that category. Our chapter has already judged for both Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Louisiana’s entries will be coming our way in early May. Our judging deadline is May 10.

About 800 entries and around $9,000 in entry fees this year, close to totals of the past.


The SPJ chapter has been using the post office box in West Jordan paid for by The Valley Journals. The Journals are giving up that P.O. Box, but we feel a need to retain it if possible. Tom was authorized to pursue that if possible. Our yearly rental fee would be $54 if it is the same rate as the Journals has been paying.


Date set for Thursday, June 20 at the Ft. Douglas Officers Club. Sheryl has made a deposit to reserve the space. Jim agreed to emcee the event. There will be short intros for major award winners but no speeches. Tom will be in charge of poster signs as last year, Jennifer will coordinate the program which we’ll have printed again at the U. Sheryl and Lisa will coordinate the food and drink (the Trib may provide wine this year).


Sheryl will coordinate. Reports on activities will include the Utah Council for Citizens Diplomacy (from Tom), the radio interviews conducted by Jim, and the boot camp (from Sheryl). Treasurer and FOI reports will also be included.


Sheryl, Lisa, Don and Shane Farver will attend from our chapter. It is April 13-15 in Santa Fe.


There is an April 30 deadline for nominations, which Sheryl asked for from the Board. Don suggested Betsy Ross for a Sunshine Award. Sheryl also suggested Eric, formerly of the Sanpete Messenger, for a Sunshine Award. Many thoughts on potential Black Hole recipients, to be narrowed down.


Sheryl and Chad chimed in on this, as broadcasters have banned together for pool coverage going forward. The new rule took effect April 1. Chad offered an FTP site as a potential password protected server where video/audio could be posted. Board agreed to further investigate this, which Sheryl will do. This will be an ongoing work in progress, and Sheryl will report on how the program is working going forward.


Several assignments for the newsletter are still outstanding and need to be submitted to Jim. They include Shane on social media, Sheryl on President’s column, Nate on computer assisted reporting and Rent on taking quality pictures. The deadline is April 10 to get those to Jim.


Saturday, April 27, 9:30 a.m. at KSL


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