Board Meeting Minutes — Nov. 9, 2013

Headliners Board Meeting 11/09/13

In attendance: McKenzie Romero, Tom Haraldsen, Jim Fisher, Sheryl Worsley, Lisa Carricaborou, Connie Coyne, Linda Petersen, Emma Nelson

Guest: Natalie Sullivan, UVU SPJ student club president

The board discussed upcoming events:

1.     LGB and the Media, Nov. 21, 6:30 p.m. Salt Lake Library

Sheryl has put together two panels: LGBT community members with Q&A; Also news managers – issues on our end

Doug Wright will moderate

She has reached out to Channel 2 and is hoping to get Dan Rascone to participate but it’s Sweeps Week so  that may not be possible. She also reached out to City Weekly but has not heard back.

The library is charging $120 for an AV technician, mike and an LCD projector. It was determined we don’t needs the projector but do need three mikes for the panel, moderator and audience.

It was decided that no refreshments are needed.

Everyone at the board meeting is planning to attend.

Lisa will reach out to Q magazine to invite them to participate.

McKenzie will get an invite out to the LGBT organizations next week and will ask them to distribute it to their members. She will also send it out to colleges.

2. Regional conference March 29&30, LDS Business College

Sheryl informed the board that it turns out we can’t get the NY Times speakers. The board brainstormed to come up with alternates.

Ideas included:

NPR people who live here such as Howard Burkess and Doug Fabrizio

Someone from High Country News (CO)

An author who is a former journalist such as Tom Zoelner, Dan Egan – Milwaukee, former Trib. reporter

(Lisa will try and make contact with Tom and Dan.)

Jeff Benedict – Sports illustrated (Mormon stuff), also wrote a book on food contamination

Tom Wharton, Jeff Prettyman,

Robert Gehrke to talk about John Swallow

Medical marijuana – local panel

KUED to talk about documentaries – Nancy Green, Ken Verdoia

Salt Lake Tribune & KUED Utah Bucket List collaboration

Sheryl and Lisa are still working on fundraising to get the Tinker train here for the conference. Sheryl will talk to Joel Campbell who said he would help.

Sheryl got a call from Irwin Gratz of the national SPJ board, who really wants us to do an ethics session in our regional conference, particularly about whether the SPJ code of ethics needs to be updated.

It was discussed for a while but the consensus of the board was that most of the attendees would be students who are not SPJ members. It was felt that we need to speak to this audience.

Suggestions included a session on how student journalists use ethics.

Sheryl suggested a panel of board members but Jim suggested it would be more relevant to have campus advisors, given the pressure that college papers are getting pressure to bow to the administration.

Discussion about the specifics of the session was tabled for another date.

However, all present agreed that while national welcome to come to the regional conference, we are going to do our own program.

Sheryl will put together a list of what we talked about.

3. Programs and fundraisers

  • Bootcamp, Feb. 22: UVU can do our boot camp on Saturday, Feb. 22. Jim and McKenzie will be in charge of the event.

McKenzie suggested that schools give extra credit for attendance.

Sheryl asked that they come up with a tentative schedule and present it at the next board meeting.

  • PIO professional development event, April 10: Linda will find out how much the libraries would charge for this event.

The event would be “Semi-fancy” but free.

  • Special awards, Thursday, May  8 ( Lisa in charge) 

Our chapter’s five special awards will be presented:

Clifford P. Cheney Service to Journalism Award, Roy B. Gibson Freedom of Information Award,  Quintus C. Wilson Ethics Award, Josephine Zimmerman Pioneer in Journalism Award and Sunshine Award

 The board discussed whether it should be a dinner or cocktails with hors d’oeuvres. The latter seemed to be more popular. To help with costs, it was felt that we should seek out one or more sponsors. Local media law firms were suggested as likely sponsors.

4. Student chapters

Sheryl has not had a chance to connect with Suzanne Dean regarding Snow College.

Don spoke with Glenn Feighery at the University of Utah who indicated that there is no interest on the part of students in reactivating the student chapter. Sheryl is still trying to reach the department head.

Jim reported that the UVU chapter is under way. The club is already funded. They are just having technical problems applying for a charter. He estimates that there could be 9-19 members initially.

McKenzie talked to the editor-in-chief at SUU where there are only two paid SPJ members.

She said that in terms of SPJ, they have done nothing since spring 2012 although the newspaper staff is looking to have a workshop every other month. She suggested the workshops could be SPJ events.

McKenzie said she may be able to go recruit before the regional conference. She wants to put a packet together that could live in the newsroom about SPJ for all campus chapters.

5. Membership

McKenzie reported that we have 47 paid members.

Board meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting: Thursday Dec. 12 at KSL, 6:30 p.m.


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