Board Meeting Minutes — Jan. 9, 2014

NOTE: Following the Jan. 9 meeting the date of the Back-to-Basics Boot Camp was re-scheduled back to Feb. 22.

SPJ Board Meeting 01/09/14

In attendance: McKenzie Romero, Nate Carlisle, Jim, Lisa Carricaburu, Sheryl Worsley, Tom Haraldsen and Linda Petersen

The minutes of the Nov. 9 meeting were approved.

LGBT and Media event

Sheryl reported the event was very successful and there was good attendance but very few board members made it. The event was made up of a couple of panels of media and people from the LGBT community. Sheryl said the event was timely and appropriate.

The Salt Lake Tribune wrote about it on its newsroom blog. Joel Campbell also wrote about it in the Columbia Review

UVU Bootcamp – McKenzie presented

There’s a conflict with the original date of Feb. 22. That’s UPA’s annual convention in St. George.

The board decided to change it to March 1.

Proposed Schedule:

9:30 breakfast mingle

50-minute sessions

10 a.m. & 11 a.m. Same three sessions (attendees can choose two)

  1. Ledes & first hurdles – Jim
  2. Interviewing and sources (incl. records) – Nate
  3. AP style- Dave Noyce at the Tribune was suggested. Lisa will ask him.

Noon: networking lunch which McKenzie will be in charge of

Attendees will be asked to bring business cards and resumes for potential internships

We will provide sandwiches. (Lisa will be over food.)

1 p.m. Combined – ethics & media law (Jim)

2 p.m. – Writing

  1. Print track writing class – Tom and someone  Sheryl will find
  2. Broadcast track writing class – Sheryl & Chad

Jim will send teaching materials from previous boot camps to teachers. Board members are hoping journalism instructors at local universities will give extra credit to their students for attending.
Linda will reach out to invite UPA papers and small papers.

Student chapter outreach

Sheryl contacted the U of U not and they’re not interested in reviving the SPJ student chapter. She talked to Suzanne Dean who she said pointed her in the direction of a couple of students she will try to connect with. Lisa will reach out to USU. McKenzie is working on SUU. Sheryl will make contact with USU Eastern. Lisa will connect with Westminster.


The contest will be open Feb. 3 – March 14.

Tom expressed a concern that the Tribune and KSL are the major contributors to our contest even though there is not much competition in their categories, and other contests such as Top of the Rockies can have more appeal for awards. The board discussed it but wasn’t sure how to address it.

One issue for those who enter is that our contest site different from the BNC site which is used by many contests. Trent Nelson developed our site three years ago when we found out that it would cost us $4,000 to use the BNC site.

McKenzie expressed concern that our site is not user friendly. She said she knows someone who might be able to do a new website for cheap. Sheryl asked her to have them submit a bid. In the meantime, Lisa will talk to Trent about tweaking website.

Regional conference March 28-30

Lisa reported back on efforts to raise the $2,000 necessary to get the Tinker train. The law firm of Jones Waldo has committed $750. Jeff Hunt is putting in a request with his firm and it is likely they will contribute. The board tossed around ideas of which other entities might help. They included BYU, the Salt Lake Tribune, KSL and the ACLU. Sheryl will follow up with Joel Campbell regarding getting her here.

Lisa reported that Tom Zolner will be on a book tour at that time and is checking with his publisher to see if they’ll fund a visit here. Dan Egan is unable to do it.

Sheryl will reach out to Brian at the Denver Pro chapter and will also ask the New Mexico chapter for help with funding. Sheryl will email out a proposed schedule for the conference and have board members provide input.

Treasurer’s Report

Tom reported that we have $3,700 in the bank after finally receiving our share of the entry fees from last year’s Top of the Rockies contest.

PIO event

The board discussed a possible PIO event that had been suggested as a fundraiser at our last board meeting. Both Nate and Lisa expressed serious concerns that the event would be about paying for access to journalists . After much discussion, the board decided not to have the event.

Special awards event

Another proposed fundraiser, an event to present the five contest special awards, was discussed. There was concern that we would have poor attendance,  that people would be unlikely to pay to go to both this event and the contest banquet. The board decided not to pursue this any further. (Jim made the motion.)


The board discussed several ways to raise funds for the chapter besides having these events. The consensus was that we might have to just go to different organizations and ask for contributions. Suggestions included: media groups, the ACLU, media attorneys, schools, theMcCarty family and Robert Redford.

Nate will make a list and the board will discuss it at our next board meeting.

Contest Banquet

The board discussed a possible date and venue for the contest banquet.

Lisa will check on the Fort Douglas venue for June 12 or 19. She also volunteered to be over the food.

Next Meeting:  Feb. 13, Salt Lake Trib. 6:30 p.m.


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