Board Meeting Minutes – April 17, 2014

Utah Headliners meeting

April 17, 2014, Salt Lake Tribune offices

Attendance: Emma Penrod, Tom Haraldsen , Chad Curtis, Connie Coyne, Jim Fisher, Sheryl Worsley, Lisa Carricaburu, Nate Carlisle (taking minutes)

Starts at 6:05 p.m.

Fisher motions and Curtis seconds minutes. Approved without objection.

Harold gives update on finances. Has a handout from SPJ Regional. Shows we netted $1,060.12 when last bills are collected. The Headliner’s current balance is$10,573.79.

Carricaburu says there are a couple expenses she has not submitted yet. They could equal about $60.

Review of SPJ Regional Conference held in Salt Lake City: Worsley said she was disappointed in attendance relative to what she felt were good speakers and schedule. Harold said he was disappointed in Colorado chapter. It sent $500 but not many people. Harold said he is considering running for Regional and if so would make effort to get Colorado more active. There was discussion that the students chapters at the universities in Utah may have gotten word late or the faculty was not so supportive. There was praise for the conference programing itself.

On Contest: 657 entries this year. The contest is down about $1,200 in terms of money compared to last year. Weakest division is Division B newspapers.

Banquet: Harold issued handout on suggested expenses. Discussion of whether Officer’s Club would be cheaper than what’s projected. Fisher said he would make some calls regarding Officer’s Club. Agreement from board it would pursue a June 19 banquet. Curtis motions and Fisher seconds to pursue June 19 banquet. (Note: This was discussed again later in the meeting.)

Harold warned we may need to be be discriminating in how much and how often we reimburse for conferences and trips.

Discussion of symposium. Concern that the Radisson would still want a drop dead date. Harold moves to authorize negations with Radisson for that date at those prices pursuant to having a cancelation date sometime after Sept. 1 Penrod seconded. Approved without objection.

Penrod suggested woman on Goshute Tribe to speak on Indians and water rights.

Temple Square access: Carricaburu recounts debate held with LDS Church officials over reporter and photographer ban and how the church insisted it was only Tribune driving issue. At one point Craynor said would let reporters on if not covering women protesting. Carricaburu raised idea of inviting officials to board meeting. General agreement reporters were previously allowed on Temple Square. Carricaburu made motion to write letter inviting them. Fisher seconded. Carricaburu will draft.

Grundwald court limitations.  General agreement that the board did not like the restrictions. Fisher motions for Carlisle to write letter. Coyne seconds. Passes without objection.

More on banquet. Venue is affirmed Officer’s Club. Carricaburu will call back and make sure June 19 is available. Will book same vendor as last year: Isabella’s in West Jordan. Yes, there will be alcohol and a bartender. Discussion of whether we still want to issue first-place trophies or just issue certificates. No decision. That is tabled for next meeting.

Worsley asked every board member nominate at least one person for a special award.

Fisher volunteers to make and print program.

Worsley will ask someone to MC the banquet.

Chapter financial report is due at the end of May. Worsley and Harold will review and submit that.

Next meeting May 15. 6:30 p.m. Fisher’s house: 331 N. Argyle Court in Salt Lake City.

Carlisle motions and Harold seconds to adjourn at 7:56 p.m.


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