Board Meeting Minutes – May 15, 2014

In attendance: Jim Fisher, Trent Nelson, Sheryl Worsley, Linda Petersen, McKenzie Romero, Nate Carlisle, Lisa Carricaburu, George Severson, Tom Haraldsen

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved (Motion: JF, 2nd LC)

Water Symposium

In looking into getting grants for a proposed water symposium, we discovered Utah SPJ does not have nonprofit status. Sheryl approached Utah Foundation For Open Government President Linda Petersen about partnering on the symposium since UFOG is a 501(c)3.

Linda reported that her board supports the proposal as long as it involves an FOI component. Nate agreed to rework the proposal to reflect that and to email it to Linda to send out to her board.

Nate reported that the Radisson, the hotel that gave the best bid on rooms and conference facilities for the symposium, needs an entity that will back the reservation if we cancel. The symposium would be Nov.7. Board members were reluctant to make such a commitment now without knowing whether we’d get any grants. (Many are awarded June 30.)

Consensus was to have Nate tell the Radisson we aren’t ready to commit at this point. We will need to apply to the foundations and find out if we get the grants first.

Membership Update

Tom reported that we have $10,558.51in the checking account. Sheryl gave him a check for $270 for memberships received from national.Sheryl has applied to national for a $500 reimbursement for the regional conference.

McKenzie suggested she mail out a welcome letter to the new/returning members. Everyone agreed it would be a good idea.


The awards banquet is booked for June 26, at 6:30 p.m. (program at 7) at the Fort Douglas Officers Club.Sheryl will retain Isabella’s catering, the caterer we had last year. Lisa said the Salt Lake Tribune will provide the booze and she will get a bartender set up. Tickets will be $20 members; $25 non-members. We do online registration with PayPal – Trent will set it up.

At the last board meeting there was some discussion about eliminating the small individual trophies (at approx. $6.50 each) and go with all certificates to save money. However, McKenzie put it out on Twitter, and the response was that people really like them so the board agreed to keep them. The board decided to instead discontinue the posters listing the winners. (Motion: JF, 2nd TH – unanimous) They are proving to be unnecessary and that will save us $400.

Jim and McKenzie will do the printed program.

Lisa will plan the evening’s program.

Sheryl suggested Ethan & Alex, Amanda Dixon or Brian Martin for M.C. The board favored Ethan and Alex. Sheryl will contact them.

McKenzie will send out the “Congrats – you’re a finalist” email.

Sheryl reported that there are no nominations for the ethics award. Lisa said she will submit one.

For the contest, Tom suggests combining B and C categories next year because there’s so little participation in the B category. The board agreed to consider it before next year’s contest.

LDS Church recap:

The LDS church would not allow photographers on Temple Square during general conference. Lisa wrote a letter on behalf of the chapter asking them to reconsider, but they declined. Lisa then wrote M? Otterson, inviting them to a meeting so they could talk about the issue and get to know SPJ. Otterson declined but said he would be open to getting together. Lisa hasn’t had any luck getting together with them since, but she and Terry Orme have a meeting with them on Monday and she will try again to get something set up.

Sheryl received an email from Jeff Salt on his group’s lawsuit with Salt Lake City regarding access to records. He wants to come and give the board an update but after discussing it, the board decided to have him come back after the lawsuit is settled.


The legislature is going to have an interim GRAMA training, 9 a.m. May 21. Linda said she would go.

Sheryl? reported that there’s a proposed rule change before the records committee to extend the retention of records to seven years to match the statute of limitations on certain crimes. They’re taking public comment now.Lisa suggested SPJ comment formally, as well as each of us individually. Lisa said she would write to our members informing them about the proposed rule change and encouraging them to comment.

Issue with Xchange

When the courts shifted to a paperless system, they stopped providing the same access to probably cause statements that they used to.  Now requestors are charged $2.50 a page. Sheryl proposed that David Reymann and/or Jeff Hunt help us with this. Nate suggested we do it ourselves. The board agreed that was a better option. McKenzie said she would write the letter with Nate and Sheryl’s help, re: concern about the $2.50 charge to access those records.

(Motion: MR, second LC – All aye)

The board discussed not holding board meetings during the summer. All were in favor of that unless it is necessary to meet in July regarding the symposium.



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